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While financial planning is essential at any stage of life, it is critical that a person with dementia evaluate their financial options early after diagnosis to determine health care and residential decisions.  Often, financial, healthcare, and advance legal planning are pursued together to ensure that the arrangements made by the individual are still honored even if or when they are no longer capable of making these decisions themselves.   Organizations such as Honoring Choices offer toolkits to navigate the challenges of financial and healthcare decisions.

In a bank or commercial setting, professionals may observe unusual behaviors exhibited by people diagnosed with or in the early stages of dementia.  Customers may struggle with regular financial transactions, paying bills, overspending, and general poor fiscal judgment.

Seniors, particularly those with dementia, are vulnerable to security fraud and financial exploitation.  When working with a client that might exhibit memory loss, identify ways in which your organization can help secure their finance options.  Consider offering specialized security fraud prevention measures, or alternative money options. If you suspect any financial abuse or fraud, inform your institution immediately.  Financial businesses should follow all laws and regulations when submitting a report.

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