Welcome to the MCOA Memory Training Resource section for Certified Master Trainers

Enclosed are the resources and information you need to conduct an University of California Memory Training. Developed at the UCLA Longevity Institute, the program is an evidence-based, four-week educational program to improve memory for those individuals experiencing normal age-related memory loss. The program was written and designed by Gary Small, M.D., and Linda Ercoli, Ph.D. for people with mild memory concerns and taught by certified master trainers who demonstrate strategies and techniques in an interactive online or in-person classroom setting. 9 out of 10 participants report improvements in their memory.

As a reminder, the license for this program has been purchased by the Massachusetts Council on Aging (MCOA). This license will allow MCOA member staff and partners to become Certified Master Trainers (CMT) and will be able, after completing the training, to deliver this program to their communities as well as train other CMTs. This is an annual license. It is anticipated that MCOA will continue to maintain this license. To become eligible to offer training under the UCLA/MCOA license, candidates need to adhere to the following:

  • Attend a UCLA Memory Master Training to become a Certified Master Trainer (CMT)
  • Respect the integrity of the UCLA Memory Training Program. In essence, to adhere to the provided script
  • Offer at least two trainings a year
  • Consider individuals who have attended three of the four Memory Training Program trainings as completers of the program and thus eligible for the follow-up Brain Booster program (to be explained in the training)
  • Agree to send to  patty@mcoaonline.com the number of individuals who have completed the Master Training program or the number of individuals who have completed the UCLA Memory Training Program in your community
  • Other than to cover the cost of printing materials, do not charge a fee for training participants
  • UCLA Memory Training Program is not eligible for reimbursement