Dementia Friendly Driver Training

Virtual Memory Cafe from Beth Soltzberg

Dementia Friendly Transportation Training – Driver Video

MCOA, MassMobility, and the Alzheimer’s Association have partnered together to offer a valuable presentation for drivers, giving them tools to recognize and work with people living with dementia. A great resource for volunteer drivers who provide one-on-one transportation to older adults, Councils on Aging that run van services using paid drivers as well as match community volunteers with older adults, and transit drivers who drive buses and paratransit.


Kids Interview People With Dementia – Alzheimer’s Society, Dementia Action Week 2019


Five Key Messages Video (web link – requires WiFi)(downloadable mp4)
People living with dementia share what the 5 Key Messages mean to them. Use before Broken Sentences.
Produced by Dementia Friends Minnesota (5:49 minutes)


Dementia Friends “Trailer” Video (web link – requires WiFi), (downloadable mp4)
Shows scenes in a neighborhood, library, supermarket, bank, restaurant, on a bus, with a police officer and a youth. Produced by Dementia Friends USA (1:56 minutes)


Sudbury Senior Scene Dementia Friendly Kick-off

Dementia Friendly Billerica with Patty Sullivan

Millennials Show Us What “Old” Looks Like