Dementia Friends

Who are Dementia Friends?

Dementia Friends are individuals committed to being mindful and respectful toward people with dementia.  By participating in a one-hour information session facilitated by a Dementia Friends Champion, Dementia Friends learn about common behaviors exhibited by people with dementia and practical actions to support adults with memory impairment in their community.  To learn more about becoming a Dementia Friend, visit the Dementia Friends Massachusetts website.

How do the Dementia Friends Massachusetts and Dementia Friendly Massachusetts programs differ?

Dementia Friendly Massachusetts is an initiative that involves many sectors of the community including businesses, local government, and individuals.  The phrase “dementia-friendly,” can be considered an umbrella term, encompassing many actions that contribute to the goal of engaging a community in a combined effort of dementia awareness.  Offering Dementia Friends information sessions is one way to further the mission of a dementia-friendly community.