Hospitals regularly assist older patients ranging from preventative care to emergency medical treatment. Unfortunately, not all hospitals are equipped to treat an adult experiencing cognitive change adequately.  The Alzheimer’s Association reports that hospital stays are twice as likely for a person with dementia compared to other older adults.  Hospitals around the world are committed to improving healthcare for patients with dementia by offering specialized staff dementia training and adopting environmental changes

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Medical emergencies can be a jarring experience for any person, particularly for someone with a neurological condition. The chaotic environment, unfamiliarity with care staff, and medical complications may all contribute to hospital delirium.  Family members or care partners can help orient the patient to their surroundings, offer emotional support, and inform staff of memory cues and relevant personal information of the patient to foster a more positive experience.

Hospitals are encouraged to focus on person-centered care to improve the quality of services offered to patients with dementia, recognizing the individual rather than the diagnosis.  Hospital staff, including recreation, dietary, and administrative personnel, can benefit from training that promotes valuing and respecting patients with dementia and offers practical skills like communication techniques.  To further the concept of person-centered treatment, some hospitals have introduced dementia-friendly systems that minimize environmental disturbances to provide a comfortable space in which to stay.

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