Schools and Youth Involvement

Young people are not insusceptible to the rippling effects of dementia in a community.  Interacting with an adult with memory loss can be challenging, especially for children who may not be able to comprehend the complexities of the situation.  Written resources and specialized education courses are designed to help young people learn about dementia, its impact on family units, and how to foster a meaningful relationship with someone with memory impairment.

Some schools offer classroom assignments adapted from the Dementia Friends information session to promote empathy and awareness.  Using age-appropriate books in lessons like Grandpa and Lucy, address the changes in cognition and physical abilities that can occur in a person diagnosed with dementia.  High school students volunteer with care organizations to connect with people and to learn about the needs of this population.

Children and teens are engaged in individual actions and youth-led movements to address dementia care and awareness in the community.  The Youth Movement Against Against Alzheimer’s is a group organized and lead by high school and college students who advocate for a changed perception of dementia.  Boy scouts and girl scouts have been inspired by dementia prevention and care when pursuing their terminal award projects, creating meaningful programs like “Dance Out Dementia.”   Proactive students have even completed the Dementia Friends Champion training so that they may educate their peers about dementia awareness.

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Dementia Friendly America Youth Resources

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