Neighbors and Community Members

People make the community.  Actions by neighbors and local workers contribute to the success of any community effort, including the development of a dementia-friendly initiative.  While people can introduce change in their respective community sector, individuals can still practice and promote dementia-friendly actions.

To support neighbors with cognitive impairment, people should first learn about dementia and practical communication techniques. While in public, community members can identify someone exhibiting signs of dementia and offer support as needed.  Recognizing signs of dementia in an undiagnosed person can lead to early intervention treatments that may slow the progression of cognitive decline.

Spread dementia awareness by becoming an advocate or Dementia Friends Champion.  Reduce the stigma surrounding dementia by educating others in the community.

All older people, but especially those with dementia, are vulnerable to abuse or neglect.  If you suspect that a senior that you know is experiencing physical, sexual, financial, emotional, or psychological abuse, make an anonymous report by calling (800) 922-2275.  Neglect should also be reported even if you believe the care partner is well-intentioned. Investigations into reported cases determine how the suspected victim can best be helped and, when appropriate, may result in responsible care partners having greater access to resources.

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