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Step Three

by | Feb 27, 2019

Step Three: Sign the DFM Pledge

To be recognized as a Dementia Friendly Massachusetts Community, municipalities are asked to identify their action team and determine a leader or co-leaders.  Print out the DFM Pledge Word doc, have your action team and elected local government officials sign the document and email the pledge to the DFM Project Manager, Patty Sullivan at  DFM communities will be formally recognized by a state official at the MCOA Annual Meeting.

Recognized Dementia Friendly Massachusetts Communities

The following communities have signed the DFM Pledge and are implementing programs and services in their town:

Who Should Sign the DFM Pledge?

The action team, that includes representatives from at least three community sectors, should sign the DFM Pledge document.  Additionally, local government agencies and elected officials should sign the document to demonstrate their commitment to introduce dementia-friendly changes.

  • Elected officials
  • Town Administrator
  • DFM Advisory Committee Members
  • COA Board Members
  • Business Leaders
  • Civic Leaders

The DFM Pledge Document

As members of [community name]’s Dementia Friendly Action Team, we pledge to continue to engage in these efforts by taking action to improve our community and system capabilities, thereby optimizing the health, well-being, and involvement of people with dementia and their care partners. We agree that every part of our community plays a role and that together, we can work to take steps to create a dementia-friendly culture and facilitate the adoption of dementia friendly practices in all parts of [community name].

Whereas we;

❧Have consulted with the Dementia Friendly Massachusetts Project Manager

❧Have created an Action Team and identified a Team Leader

❧Have engaged three or more community sectors

❧Utilized data from Community Profile from the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Data Report in our continued efforts

❧Created an Action Plan that includes the involvement of persons living with dementia

We now hereby sign this pledge as a sign of our commitment to continue in our efforts to make and sustain [community name], as a Dementia Friendly Community.


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