Local Government

The pledge from local government and its agencies to commit to the mission of Dementia Friendly Massachusetts ensures that the initiative is continued well beyond its recognition ceremony.  Dementia-friendly cities and towns promise to its residents that they will make their neighborhoods welcoming for people with memory loss by creating inclusive public areas and modeling for local businesses and townspeople the kindness and empathy required to battle the stigma around cognitive change.

First Responders & Law Enforcement

Departments that oversee the work of first responders and law enforcement can recommend dementia-specific training, so emergency response personnel understand how to help people with memory loss effectively.

Systems & Community Services  

Local government can offer and promote assistive services and programs such as housing modification, caregiving training, and dementia-friendly recreation to support the potential for adults with cognitive decline to age-in-place.  Inclusive public spaces and outreach to underserved communities can result in increased community participation.


Public transportation and paratransit services can be adapted to be dementia-friendly through professional training and the introduction of safety measures such as drivers escorting their passengers into their destination.  Towns without such transit options can inform its residents of independently operated dementia-friendly options.